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Zombie paintballers at Pay it Forward CIC

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Great Yarmouth
Pay it Forward CIC

Zombie paintballers at Pay it Forward CIC release online mini-series for youths.

Pay it Forward CIC are celebrating funding of £24,910 from People’s Health Trust, raised by The Health Lottery in the East.

The funding will enable a new one-year project, which aims to deliver filmed zombie-themed paintball sessions and a resulting online mini-series for young people living in Great Yarmouth, a coastal town in Norfolk.

The project aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation and low educational attainment or risk of such and deliver general community and neighbourhood work. The paintball games will be organised based on zombie genres and all the action will be filmed using portable cameras by participants. The footage will be edited and released a weekly online mini-series!

Chris Lunn, The Health Lottery in the East spokesperson, said: “The funds raised through The Health Lottery in the East are changing and improving lives. It was clear that supporting Pay it Forward CIC would have great benefit to the community. To date, over £100 million has been raised through The Health Lottery for good causes across Great Britain, of which £7.7 million has been raised for the East. We hope to make even more for good causes when Health Lottery East opens in December.”

Health Lottery East is benefitting from Health Lottery tickets sold for all draws being held between 1 December and 31 December 2018. You can buy Health Lottery tickets in advance for these draws online at, or from more than 32,000 local retailers including The Post Office, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons and WH Smith.


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