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Funded Projects

So far, £11 million has been raised through The Health Lottery in the East.

Thanks to this money, 257 of local projects have been funded by People’s Health Trust, since 2011.

The Voice cLoud

The Voice cLoud received a grant of £30,577 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by The Health Lottery in the East.

This new two-year singing for wellbeing project aims to celebrate the history and cultural heritage of music from the Waveney and Suffolk Coast. The fortnightly sessions will teach participants songs from the maritime and local seafaring community along the coast. Participants will explore the historical context through understanding where and why these songs were sung and learning about any local connections.

Local people of all backgrounds and diversities (young, older, those with mental health issues, vulnerable adults, etc) from rural Waveney will be encouraged to attend, as well as anybody else who would like to learn about the genre.

The project ultimately aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation, mental ill-health and general community and neighbourhood work.

The West Norfolk Deaf Association

The West Norfolk Deaf Association has received £25,035 of funding raised by Health Lottery East and distributed by People’s Health Trust for their two-year support project for hearing impaired people in West Norfolk and Breckland. The project aims to reduce the social isolation experienced by the deaf community and provide them with the support they need through engaging in social activities facilitated by workers trained in British Sign Language.

West Norfolk Deaf Association-12.jpg

Activities include weekly coffee mornings, fun activities, smaller special interest groups and a series of informative sessions supported by an interpreter.



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